Coronaviruset och covid-19: Nya skärpta nationella föreskrifter för att bryta den ökade smittspridningen Läs mer om covid-19 och coronaviruset och hur Örnsköldsviks kommun hanterar coronapandemin.


Safety and security

If there is a fire or a serious accident, you can always call the emergency number 112. The number takes you through to SOS Alarm, which can send police officers, ambulances, fire engines or whatever else is needed to assist you with your problem. The SOS Alarm's website provides information in several languagesexternal link, opens in new window. There you will find information about how to make the call and what you need to tell them to get the right help quickly.

If something serious happens
A warning signal will sound if something serious happens in our society, for instance if there is an accident which results in a poisonous gas being leaked. A loud noise will sounds for 7 seconds, then it will be quiet for 14 seconds. After that, the loud noise will sound again for another seven seconds. This process will go on for at least two minutes.

When you hear the warning signal, you must go inside and close all doors, windows and ventilation. After this, turn on the local radio (P4) to find out what has happened and what you have to do.

Crisis information on the Municipality's website
If there is an accident or a problem that affects the people of Örnsköldsvik, the Municipality will publish information about the problem on its website or Facebook page (the information will be in Swedish). For instance, there might be a water leak, a major fire or a storm that might result in a loss of electricity.

Smoke alarms
All homes must have at least one smoke alarm. The smoke alarm should be placed on the ceiling. When it detects smoke and/or heat, the alarm starts to sound to warn whoever is in the house or apartment. Make sure that you can hear the smoke alarm from your bedroom and ensure make sure you change the batteries every so often.

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